Schut Precisionparts B.V. Is a product specialist in the field of tires, axles, hydraulic system components and other carriage-bound wear parts. Our products internationally find their way to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and customers in the Maintenance, Repair and Replacement (MRO) segments.

The permanent wear of wheel tires is a considerable expense for public transport companies. So, to organize the production and logistics of these parts as efficiently as possible. In series production we make different tires and metrological tires in all profiles. We save them ready and keep them in stock. As a result, these “tire” tires can be delivered, tailored to the equipment maintenance schedule. A graspable cost reduction is the result.

Axes in tram and subway wires are exposed to high bending loads. That is why we have developed a combination of three edits. Rotate, compact and grind. The special compaction process for the Netherlands results in considerable material improvement and an increase in surface hardness of 25-40%. The result is an increased resistance to congestion and cracking.

The surface becomes significantly smoother, reducing corrosion sensitivity. In addition, we are able to process the radius, creating a virtually notch-free surface. We therefore meet the highest quality standards of our clients in both the Netherlands and worldwide.